Thursday, May 8, 2008

on men who do not support the dream

Sitting on the couch with Steve this morning, coffee in hand (which, granted, he made for me and brought to me), and feet up, I lamented, "I have really big feet for a woman." (photo not really my feet ... just serving as example)

To which my husband answered, "MARILYN! You are 52. Your feet will never be any smaller than they are. And your ankles will never be thinner than they are. And frankly, I have very little faith that you will ever be willowy."
I thought it was the reasonable task of a husband of long standing, one to whom a woman has given the best years of her life, one on whom service and sacrifice have not been spared, one who knows his wife's secret dream of being a willowy old lady, to support the dream.

Men and women are fundamentally different in how they think about their bodies. My husband can gain some weight, look pale and flabby and still mow the lawn without a shirt. This for me would be the equivalent of gardening in 'hot pants'. For those of you who don't know what hot pants are, I have attached a modest example ... And can I say that in the 70's I had a pair or two ... and I was a hottie, although you will have to take that by faith. But not now. I would definitely NOT be a hottie bent over in my garden with these things on.

Men wore hot pants too, which made for some embarassing moments. There are some things that need to be kept from the public eye.

So ... bottom line (no pun intended) I'LL SHOW HIM! HE'LL BE SORRY WHEN I'M WILLOWY AND HE ISN'T. or not. whatever. sigh

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rachel said...

HA!! and i think dad totally dropped the ball! he needs to support the dream! foolish boy.