Tuesday, May 27, 2008

what I do to Steve

I forgot. Well, not totally forgot. I knew it was coming up somewhere here. But tonight 15 or so people are coming to our home to stage a murder dinner. And I forgot. Forgot to tell Steve it was today.

He knows. He knows we have it coming up sometime. I think this makes him crazy, how I can handle things on such last minute notice. It is how I like things, really. They (whoever they are) call it "just in time" information. In my perfect world a lovely person would stand by my side handing me the information I need just before the moment I need it.

Like tonight. We are having a rather large event - tonight. Got that Steve? Be a good sport. Play your part. Oh, and go home early to make the bed.
There may be a murder on Juniper Dr tonight and not at the dinner. sigh

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rachel said...

ha! poor dad! i feel his pain - my P suffers greatly in your house! last night kyra came home with the news that her "teachers banquet" concert was really a "for parents banquet" concert... but that there was no food. i was totally flummoxed, since we had other plans based on "teachers" not "parents". so stressful. be kind to the J's, marilyn. we are really trying not to murder you in your sleep... :)