Tuesday, March 11, 2008

on little girl's noses

I have a granddaughter, Megan, or Nut-meg as we like to call her, who has a permanent snort. Not a sniffle. Not a small drip. No - we are talking a magnificent snort, accompanied by hucks and horks and blechts. At night the snort takes the form of earsplitting snore-snorts ... you would think Papa was behind the door with the Big Pink M on it.

This week Nut-meg had her nasal passages frozen and a camera fixed to a wire inserted through her nose down into her throat. She loved it. She loved that they were fixing her snort. But more, she just loved the adventure 0f having a camera down her nose. She told me she even sneezed and they didn't take it out and it was so funny to her! The camera she said, turned this way and that way, and looked at her snort. She is the only person she knows who has had a camera in their nose. Now that is worth being proud of.

The long and short of it is that Nut-meg is going to lose her adnoids. Who needs adnoids anyway? They contribute so little to the important things of life: racing on a bicycle, eating banana smoothies, chasing boys ... you understand. And what is surgery but one more adventure?

Megan's joy of life fixes more of what ails me than anything else I can think of. This is why we need children. And snorts. And cameras down noses.

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