Sunday, March 23, 2008

american beauty

Okay - I can get the image up but I can't rotate it ... technical daftness. But let me say, it is worth turning your computer to get a full view of this feminine pulcritude (probably spelled wrong but I don't know how to use the spell check on this either). This little beauty is Flora Elliott, most recent Elliott woman on the planet and full of my genes. Clearly.

Now, I put this picture on my blog because I adore this child and will spare no expense showing her the love of Mimi. But also, to illustrate what a healthy, thriving human child looks like. I know, we grow out of our baby fat, but I think skin and bones is overrated. If I can help my little women love their healthy bodies, celebrate being able to run and jump and love with their bodies, then I will have accomplished something rare.

Women, we are half the population at least. Don't you think we could get together and do something about our crippling body image issues? Maybe it's time for another bra burning - well, maybe not. How about burning our control top panty hose? That would make a good fire.


Karen said...

I agree Flora is healthy and adorable and I agree we have way too many body issues. Let me know when the bonfire happens - I'm in.

Marilyn said...

Or maybe instead of a bonfire we should take our panty hose and lob overripe mangos at billboards with digitally altered women on them! It would be cathartic!