Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've found my center ... again

Living from my center - something I've read so much about, pursued, and somehow lost. But now, in Lent, it is being restored to me. I exercised last night - first time in two weeks, spent time on my favorite chair in solitude and reflection, and this morning I walked into my office without the trail of heaviness I have been carrying. I am smiling - making fun with Jeremiah - looking at the beige open file on my desk with its two inches of printed papers with a sense of freedom and not burden.

The soul is a deep well. But it is a narrow gap through which we can access it. I have this mental picture that I can crawl through an overgrown hole, and down a burrow, only to tumble out into a wide open garden - the place carved out of the is universe that is mine alone.

That is my center. Where I meet God in solitude and silence. Where I discover my own self as beloved and joyful.

I will be there today and bring up a rose or two to pass out to others as hope.

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Annie said...

I love this image of the soul!