Monday, February 4, 2008

wash day

So it is Superbowl - and room 1806 is full of snacks and noise and men and a couple women but not full of me. I am just outside the patio doors sitting on a white plastic chair with my feet on another white plastic chair and a bottle of Mango Frog half finished on the table beside me. Also half finished is a Pizza Hut mushroom, pepperoni, and green pepper pizza. I am owning my life by not watching the game and eating what I want.

With me are Cheryl Dorral and Duncan and Bonnie MacDonald. The only fly in the ointment is the hot tub burbling ten feet away, sending tantalizing odors of chemicals and heat, flickering pink and green lights our way.

Steve comes through the doors of room 1806, plunks himself down, steals a piece of pizza and says, 'having fun Mare?' We laugh and begin to complain that we would be having fun if we had our bathing suits on and were in the hot tub.

Steve stands up, pulls off his watch, plunks his wallet down on the table, and struts over to the hot tub, fully dressed and shoed, and with a flourish, submerges himself! Whooooeee! I pull off my silk shirt (sports bra on, don't worry), dump my watch and jump in. Duncan peels off his shirt and shoes and joins us .... soon there are seven people laughing and kibitzing with abandon in the hotpool. A man on the second floor abruptly bangs his patio door shut. Bonnie adds her body to the water bringing the stack of napkins left from the pizza. She puts them on the side for 'after'. Who needs towels?

Walking home is not a lot of fun - I feel like a little kid who peed my pants ... the denim is cold and clammy and dripping and rubbing on my thighs in a miserable sort of way. I throw my wet stuff into the tub and crawl into bed all soft and soggy, knowing I should shower and will probably get some flesh eating disease from the little cuts on my legs from shaving. But the quilt is all fat and welcoming. yummmmy

This morning I am doing wash. It costs me 44 quarters, two trips to the concierge for change, a fight with a machine that won't cooperate. Don't mind it a bit.

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