Wednesday, February 13, 2008

heart day

So Steve came home last night with two Kroger bags stuffed with pink and red. He pulled out 15 little designer bags, 15 small heart shaped chocolate boxes, some candy, some cards ... and began to arrange them into little packages telling me he was giving Valentines his single women friends who are part of our church. Today he is driving around like the UPS delivery boy depositing love where there might not be any.

Karen (name changed) came into my office, loudly, as Karen does, and laughing said, "Did you put him up to this?" She said she hadn't gotten a Valentine since her #!*__#! husband had left her. She took the bag home to her girls, one of whom said she wanted to marry someone like Steve.

Sue (name also changed) came to me and said, "I got a little bag on my office doorknob...." to which I replied - I had nothing to do with it! Her pleasure was not disguised by her reserve and professional demeanor. She was happy.

Now, the chocolates are not very special. I think they cost $1.00 a box. And being a man-mission there was no tissue paper, and a few too many Hershey Kisses. But it does speak to the idea that we all need a bit of love in any form, and we all like surprises.

So the word is that the 'big plan' Steve had for our Valentines has fallen through ... so he will just have to come to the 'sweetheart night' at Jazzercise. If I can get him to do that, it will be love!


Annie said...

That's awesome! Way to go Steve :0)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...between the lines I think I heard you say that you are proud of that man of yours, and even felt a special love coming from him to you and from you to him in his special way of making a difference where it counts!! I'm proud of you both! M

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