Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the mist

Steve was in Orlando last night and while I wait for him this afternoon I indulge in a movie, recommended by my friend, Nick 'at night' who reviews movies for me. It is The Mist, a Stephen King movie.

To be honest, I almost turn it off in the first half hour because it seems so dumb. A mist rolls through a rural town killing all in its path. Turns out the mist is full of super bugs and horrific creatures, all eager to rip the skin off a beefy guy, or suck the face from a seductive girl, or spin the arrogant lawyer into a websack and use his body as a feeding bed for millions of baby spiders ... use your imagination.

But I stick it out and endure the web spitting mega spiders, the ranting fundamentalist Christian predicting the apocalypse, the father fighting for his terrorized boy.

The story ends horribly. I will spare you the details.

Back in the real world, I welcome Steve back while outside my patio window the children still frolick poolside as the waves beat the shore and the sun washes the sand.

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rachel said...

crazy broad. you should have called me and i would have steered you clear!! :)