Friday, August 5, 2011

In five short days...

I ruined them.

My granddaughters came to me on Saturday in sparkling good health. I watched them, truly amazed at their good natures, humor, wit, adaptability, charm and utter joy of life.

This morning, one week later, sending them off to go home it was a complete opposite experience: meltdowns, sobbing, stomping upstairs, yelling, impatience, hurt feelings, ... and then start at meltdowns and read through the list again.

I can only conclude that I have, in a short seven days, wrought utter ruin.

If you have someone to ruin, I would suggest the following: late, or better yet, no bedtimes; feed them only pretend food which would include fast, fried, sweetened, and processed; avoid items such as milk, soy, anything green or red, and all legumes; say yes to every question; offer many times of low supervision; and a good dose of gifts and privileges. The human person can be corrupted in less than a week using this formula.

Sigh. My daughter is going to kill me.


Krissi said...

I feel like this is a great experiment on how unhealthy food affects our moods. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Oh JOY !! The kids won't remember the crabbiness of themselves due to the spoilage, but willlll remember the freedom, serendipity and abandon for that brief time. I'm proud of you.

Lee Ann said...

Maybe it is anticipation of love to come versus regret that the time shared is coming to an end. Transitions are hard.

Leslie said...

Isn't "ruining" grandchildren rule number one in the grandma manual?

Unconditional love and gifts lavished upon them. Sometimes we're given everything we want (or think we want)in order to teach us that we really do need and want boundaries. Although they'll never admit to mom that they really do like those boundaries. See your "ruining" them was God teaching them a lesson ;-)