Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So. No one is commenting on my blogs. I know they are kind of intense lately, but if you know me AT ALL you know two things - I do not avoid what rises in my life and winter is always hard on my soul. It is hard for some of you too. I know you are out gentle readers!

That said, I have been thinking that I need to put something humorous or controversial here to give you and me a breathing space. Life is ridiculous in much of its unfolding and holds plenty to laugh about, but I warn you that my humor tends toward the absurd.

Anyway, this is the only funny thing that has brought me a chuckle in the last day or so. And I like it because it is SO not female, and I don't get it and yet it somehow tells me about my menfolk. So here is the story:

My grown son is embarking on a new experience - doing his own mechanical work on his car, in our garage. A good friend - mature man, fairly skilled mechanic, lovely human - has joined him as a mentor for this task. What used to look like a car now lies like a dismembered body over every square inch of the cold garage floor.

Our mechanical friend has three absolutes about fixing cars:
1. It will cost more than you think.
2. It will take longer than you think.
3. You will lose some of your progress in sanctification doing it.

So we are prepared for all three.
The first real problem comes in getting the old thing-ma-bob off the hoos-ee-whats-it. (Here is where my mechanical expertise becomes evident.) For a long while both men wrestle together against the rust and corrosion locking the bolt. My son, his arm torqued and stuffed into the mess of metal and belts and oil finally feels the bolt and nut slip.Suddenly - and victoriously - the bolt loosens.

There is a great cry of victory. I hear my son yell, "Ho HO! We did it!" Then, "I'm getting an erection... Is that normal?"

To which the mechanic says, "Absolutely!" And they proceed to work.

And I laugh. Because men are such a different kind of animal and I love my men. This is about being human, too.


Corrie said...

So funny... a few days ago my 4-year-old told me: "Mom, my penis is big!" And he laughed. Oh my, is he old enough for that to be funny already?

Karen said...

Oh, men are so funny. Just once I wish I could feel what it's like to have an erection - they seem to derive such pleasure from it. On the other than, a good fart seem to give them the same thrill, and I must blushingly admit that I DO know what that is like.

Lee Ann said...

I guess if you have an son you have a penis story. I don't get it either. But just this morning I was watching my 5 year old sword fighting on the wii. He is so masculine in his energy and yet has such a deep tenderness and compassion. What a beautiful man he will be if he can carry all that into adulthood. I love everything about him and am overwhelmed by affection.

I wanted to comment yesterday. There is so much I want to say, that I couldn't come up with a succinct reply. I know that we have layers of our own pain that accumulate, but do you ever wonder if our pain grows collectively? Monday was a bad day at our house too.

Anonymous said...

This totally saved my day today. Thank you! We haven't met, but we have a mutual friend ;)

Krissi said...

Just because people aren't commenting doesn't mean they're not responding.

Anonymous said...

I once heard a great emcee get up at an ATS event following a VERY POWERFUL and MOVING artistic expression of the Passion of the Christ.....and "she" said, "Wow, after something so powerful, sometimes there are no words needed....just silence."

Rhonda Maccarone said...

Karen you are sooo funny. My thoughts exactly. Couldn't have wrote it better myself