Wednesday, September 29, 2010

pockets full of tomorrow

Last night the air was still and cool. I went outside after our frozen pizza dinner (smile) and started walking among my flowering plants noticing some mature seeds. With care I harvested seeds from two beautiful flowering plants that spread around my garden. It was not like harvesting wheat - I pulled apart seed pods one by one and drew out shiny black seeds with a vivid white edge. Then I bent over seed cups and tipped out hard black kernels that look like small rabbit 'raisins.'

From behind me I heard children playing in our creek and on the climbing fort Steve has built in there. I heard one boy of six yell, "Fire in the hole!" and I heard a splash and then hilarious laughter. I moved from plant to plant putting one kind of seed in my right pocket and the other in my left.

It occurred to me that I had pockets full of tomorrow. Something about the work of saving the seeds filled me with hope and pure joy. I was connected to God in that moment, doing God things. Beyond that my creek was full of tomorrow, too. The noises of tomorrow echoed around my silence. As I get older the urgency to preserve and empower the next generation becomes a main focus of my life.

In the stillness of that simple work I was filled with awe at the life I have been given to live. And I was filled with awe at the power of creation energy that pushes toward renewal and rebirth. I am fading but life is preparing for the next bold flowering.


Rhonda Maccarone said...

oh brother, you're 'fading'? You talk like you have one foot in the grave!!!!!
You my dear are at the peak of life and you are the most beautiful and vibrant flower you can possibly be. I'm all for investing in the next generation but don't forget the wonderful impact YOU have on others right now, every day. You are at your best and there is nothing 'fading' about you. Some one get this woman a mirror that will truly reflect the beauty in her that we all see.....'Fading'...BAHHH

joy said...

Oh ... I agree with Rhonda ... whole heartedly!!! You putz!!! :))

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