Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Everybody's moving

Everybody has shifted two seats to the left. The air is fragrant with transition. New students push their kids in carts up and down Wilmore streets, smiling at anyone who will smile back. Returning students show up full of summer tales. Classes are starting. People are putting on ironed shirts to show up at new jobs.

And no one is quite sure. Not quite sure how to be. Not quite sure what today means. Not quite sure what to say. Whether to go through a door or not. Whether to say what's on their mind.

One would think we would all be experts at transition since we have so much experience. We face new every day. And the search for new is in American DNA. The difference is, we used to believe that the 'new' was surely to bring us something better, richer, freer and more fulfilling. Now we are not quite sure. Have all the changes we've made put us on a road to something great?

Well, I don't know. That's the truth. But I know that we can live in faith, hope and love, even on an uncertain day. Faith gives us eyes to see what isn't quite in view, and calms our fears with the knowledge that there is a loving Father watching our every step. Hope gentles us, creating patience in our responses to ourselves and others. Love restores our perspective.

The greatest of these is love. Even if the whole endeavor fails, and some do, love stands. And when success comes in bigger doses than we can get our arms around, love passes the joy around.

Transition is a moment by moment endeavor. Put love into a breath, a heartbeat, a choice and you might see home.


Krissi said...

I moved! And you're totally coming to dinner! But after I get my financial aid, so I can pay for food;)

Marilyn said...

A friend emailed me this in response and I wanted to put it on the blog for you to read.

A couple of days ago, I was profoundly struck by something I missed/didn't see in the last 8 years of grieving my brother's death: I deeply miss my friend - his wife.
For so long, when I thought of her, I thought of him. The missing him overshadowed anything else. But I recently received a letter from her, in response to a baby announcement I sent. And I was overwhelmed by how much I miss HER. Just her. We are not 'in touch' due to the loss/pain, choice, neglect, life, etc but she was my friend before she was his widow. I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to invite her to come and stay with us for a few days. I quickly said there wasn't any point because she wouldn't come. My husband thoughtfully replied that I should put it out there and let her make the decision. And I realized I didn't want to be rejected by her. I feel uncertain. Timid. But my husband’s words were wise and so were yours ... and timely. So thanks. I think I’ll walk through ‘a door’ and write her an invitation. And even if this whole ‘endeavour’ of mine fails, love will stand. My love for her will stand and my sense of myself will be unchanged by her decision. Gonna put it out there...

Laurie said...

These words were all too true as I read them. Not going through transition there, but far away and it is the same and different. Through that love we too are making this our home. Thanks, Marilyn, for STILL teaching & encouraging!! :)

Anonymous said...

I too lost my brother and sister in the same year...God made provision for new brothers and new sisters. How blessed I've been. (an old student)

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