Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sure could use a little good news today

It is seven in the morning and coffee was made with a paper towel instead of a coffee filter. Caffeine addiction is the mother of invention, apparently.

One of my routines in the morning is to sit on the couch and watch the first twenty minutes of Good Morning America to catch up on the news. The news started off this morning with the devastation of the ongoing environmental disaster in the Gulf, which breaks my heart. And then immediately a few vignettes about a) the dropping stock market, b) the financial crisis in nations of Europe, and c) the infidelity of a star's husband who says, "I would never hurt her."

I am watching Spong Bob Square Pants this morning. If this keeps up I might have to learn about sports.


Krissi said...

That is why I have come to like hockey. I don't think about anything else while I'm watching it.

Sandy & Rob said...

Wish I could help, but life is pretty vanilla up here lately too... I am wondering if my expectations are too high? Who knows...