Wednesday, May 12, 2010

blackberry winter and other happy things

Yesterday I had the best moment when my phone rang and online were Ben (son in Indonesia) and Rachel (daughter in NC). Something about hearing both their voices together made me feel like I was at home. It was nostalgic and funny and wonderful and surprising all at once. And maybe the really great thing was hearing my kids laughing and talking without angst or divide - being friends.

And I love folk lore, ancient wisdom, common wisdom. I learned yesterday that we have just gone through blackberry winter. The old women in Kentucky say that spring has three cold spells. The first is redbud winter after the redbuds blossom. The second is dogwood winter, obviously after the dogwoods blossom. This last spell is blackberry winter. You know what that means. Something in me expands with joy when I hear life explained in these kinds of ways. I feel like I've just received a fabulous gift.

Our day today is heavily gray, moistly warm, breathlessly calm and utterly delicious. I am in a graced place.

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