Monday, June 14, 2010

98% water

We are, apparently, 98% water in our human bodily makeup - something like that (I am reaching back into my biology information from high school.) But whatever they told us in high school I would like to confirm that we must be, indeed, 98% water.

I am experiencing Bali through the waterfall of sweat pouring off my head, my arms, my whole self. I cannot describe the extent of liquid that is me moments after exiting air conditioning. It is not a pretty sight. At one meal I simply and slowly poured a glass of water on my head and it made no difference in my appearance or attire.

98% water. And by the measure of water I have lost in the last couple weeks I think I should be half a person by now. Sadly, that is not the case either. The more water I lose the more swollen I become.

This my friends is the state of marilyn these days. Another time I will give a more erudite report on my journey through the exotic land of Bali, but for today, this is the best I can offer.


Krissi said...

It occurred to me as I was reading this that I think I miss you. I arrived in Toronto tonight. You should read my Canada blog I gave you access to and hear about my experience getting stopped at customs on the way in, a stop that ended up costing me $150.

Linda said...

aaaaahhhh, Bali. It sounds soooo romantic. hahahhaha!