Wednesday, April 7, 2010

new day

I just walked into my office and dropped my butt into my desk chair. I will be in this chair for much of the day ... and it occurred to me to wonder if, like the goldfish that grows to the size of the environment, if my butt will grow to be the size of this chair. A very terrifying thought. I will go to jazzercise again tonight.

But mostly I am thinking about awe. Last night at our leadership mentoring class we talked about cultivating a disposition (habit) of awe. Of being amazed. Of feeling life and experiencing gratitude. All my life I have woken up alive and happy. I have woken up earlier than most of my friends. My 'line' was that I wake up great and it is down hill from there. :-)

But in this season I seem to be perpetually tired, and I wake up feeling unwell, pretty much every day. I hope it is a passing thing. But instead of letting my bodily experience determine the beginnings of my day, I chose to be in awe of life. In awe of the gifts of my day, which are many. My people, my work, my home and the environment of Wilmore which is now spotted with red and yellow and white and purple blossoms.

So it is almost nine and I still feel unwell, but I am in awe of this moment and where my life has been allowed to run. Thank you God for putting my boundaries (and we all have boundaries/limitations) in pleasant places.


Ann said...

Get a smaller desk chair!!! Wilmore and all of Central KY. is beautiful this time of the year. Hope you'll feel "well" soon.

Rhonda Maccarone said...

If you only knew how wonderful everyone thinks you are, you would feel so much more encouraged everyday of your life. You are so beautiful and best of all you are real.....I love that about you!
P.S The other day I was in Walmart and saw that you can actually buy a butt enhancer....this rubber butt pad that you shove in your underwear! There are a lot of people who want bigger butts!

I say "go out and buy yourself one of those 'chair and a half' things and celebrate your beautiful hynie!"

Lee Ann said...

I am the opposite--getting out of bed has always been the worst part of my day (unless of course I get to sleep until I wake naturally and then have time to lounge in bed until I decide to get up. But in what universe does that ever happen?). I get charged as the day goes on and have a hard time making myself go to bed, so I am so tired the next day-it is a vicious cycle. Hope you are feeling better today!

Krissi said...

We like having you in Wilmore, Marilyn Elliott. Even when you're tired and have a headache. And listen to Rhonda! See, I'm not the only one who thinks you're beautiful!!!