Monday, April 26, 2010

a full mind

My mind is full today. I am pondering so many things. I don't even know what to say to a friend who is willing to listen, because there is so much going on inside me. Ever have the experience where you feel like the wall between conscious thought and unconscious thought is thin? I feel like there is something I know now, that is new and bright, that is just beyond my conscious reach. I want to get at it... it is like a sparkling ring I can see at the bottom of a pond but every time I put my hand down to pick it up the river bottom stirs and I can't find it.

The time is not yet nine this morning, and already two friends have brought me chocolate to get through my day. smile That speaks to a few things - one is the QUALITY of my friends, another is the gift of grace that is going to be needed today.

This weekend I had some profoundly creative moments. I was able to envision a day of formation for a retreat we are leading in Indonesia. I drew out a creative plan for a woman's class for the fall. Ideas were flashing back and forth, meeting each other and birthing new possibilities. Even so, I feel like I am missing something important.

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