Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter dinner and folks

So it has been a productive day til now and I am fading fast. Had a headache all day. This is the kind of stuff you love to read, right? So what will I write about. Hmmmm.

Let me tell you about Easter Sunday dinner at a family home in Lexington. Honestly, it was the healthiest group of people - all ages, all generations, gentle with each other. The food didn't matter, but it was good.

I loved watching grandpa sit and watch his grandsons with utter warmth on his face. I loved the corn hole games and ordinary talk about nothing much, and the peace.

Not every family has this. Let me tell you. Hardly any families have this. I felt like I was in a huge beautiful Easter card. So at home.

And can I tell you that I profoundly missed my kids this Easter. I had a great sense of loss for the many thousands of ordinary moments I miss because no one lives near us. I miss the family bursting in the door and robbing my fridge and scandalizing Walter. I miss nothing bigger than ordinary stuff - the best stuff.

But sitting in a chair with nothing to do but be with good folks on Sunday was a very beautiful salve to my missing.

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