Tuesday, September 15, 2009

a moment in a life

My kid Vincent wrote this little story in our latest family newsletter from him. I loved it... it is who he is. I thought you might like a glimpse into a crazy Elliott life.

Speaking of Millennium Park, I think you all will like this story: one day last week, when neither me or Mikey had anything to do, we started talking about how nice it feels to be complimented. We discussed the issue further, and struck upon the idea of a Compliment Booth, like a Kissing Booth, except that instead of kissing passersby, we would give them free compliments. So Mikey and I made a sign on an old chalkboard that said COMPLIMENT BOOTH and went down to Millennium Park. We sat in folding chairs behind our sign, and doled out compliments all day long, from 10am until 4pm. We must've given out 5000 compliments. Four different police officers came by to see what we were up to, but after giving them compliments, they just laughed and let us be. At one point, Mikey gave a nice compliment to a blonde woman, and she came over to us to ask us what we were up to (a common question). "School project? Community service?" "Nope, just being nice to people." As it turns out, she was a reporter from a TV station in Spain, and she interviewed us for Spanish TV. So now Mikey and I, the Compliment Booth guys, are famous in Spain.

If I could just say - anything that gets an Elliott into the news makes them happy. This is so vintage... I am still smiling.


Krissi said...

Spain? That's amazing. Love it.

Jason said...

Love this. This is SO great.

Mrs Moose said...

I have no idea why he worries you so ... clearly, he is just fine. Near perfect.

< the kingdom of God bursting forth upon Millennium Park >