Friday, September 4, 2009

Identity Theft

This morning I have a bit of an unusual start ... I am making breakfast for a group of students ... taking it to the school, not having them here.

So I spent yesterday afternoon shopping and last night finishing up the preparation. This morning I got up early to get the breakfast casserole on, and the monkey bread didn't rise overnight so I had to do a remedy in a warm oven, and so on.

I came out of the shower wearing casual clothes. Steve looked at me funny so I said, "Hey. This is stage one. Run the food to the school. Help with child care during chapel - make sure the kids have their lunch, and then come home and change clothes for the presentations this afternoon. At five run home again to get the food I prepared last night for the community pot luck supper and take it to the dinner and then speak at the consecration service for new students at 7:00. And then collapse at home."

After I said all this ... there was a moments silence and Steve said, 'Well, I see you've become the Community Life pastor's wife."

To which I responded - Oh no! I did that, didn't I? I AM SUCH A LOSER!!!

So. Not to be stubborn, but I am going to cut down on all this running and filling in the holes. I have a lot of skills, developed over years of raising kids, volunteering, leading, making miracles happen without any money... but I think I want my identity back.


Angela said...

HA! That is so funny. Made me laugh out loud even. Glad you have Big Steve in your life to speak truth. ;)

Mrs Moose said...

Bravo, MI! Looks like you might need to find yourself a ... what's her name?

rachel said...

well done. hold fast, marilyn.

fun big family thanksgiving, huh?!

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Steve have been doing all that since he is the Community Life Pastor's spouse? ;-) LOL!

Time to pass the torch and let others use their gifts and talents even if things fall through the cracks. There's always biscuits from IGA if no one comes through with breakfast. Love your willingness to serve but you really can't do everything. Love ya! Leslie