Thursday, May 14, 2009

on the way to the circus

My daughter just told me my blog is pretty depressing ... that I should lighten it up a little. And I told her that I couldn't lighten up today. I have one more blog to write that is pretty depressing.

So here's the thing. Yesterday on the way down hwy 68, during the high traffic time, no shoulders, cars in both lanes, I drove past a little section where there are five small homes, probably built for migrant workers, lining the road.

Two little kids were playing on a lawn with a puppy and just as I passed, their little beagle trotted onto the highway in front of me - and in slow motion, I hit it. There was no way to avoid it. There was no pull off to stop. I couldn't breath. I looked in my mirror to see the beagle spinning into the ditch and the kids screaming.

So that is the image seared into my mind this morning.

I have these thoughts. We hurt each other. We hurt each other even when we don't want or intend to. That is how life is because we share this planet. Probably more often than we admit, hurt is not caused by malice. I think from this that I need grace from you. I need to know that when I hurt you you will give me grace. And I need to do the same.

And what happens has many viewpoints. A point of view is only a view from a point, really.So my experience of that puppy's (probable)death is different from what the children experienced, and what the parent's of that children experienced. I think we need to be humble and listen to find out how life is for other people. (I have always been amazed that siblings raised in the same family and house can have experienced life so differently.)

And finally, I am thinking that life is fragile - much more fragile than we percieve. We need to mark our days, treasure our people, play with our puppies, and when the time comes, have a really lovely funeral.

So tomorrow lightness. Today, I am still the beagle slayer.


Ann said...

As unfortunate as the fate of the beagle might be, please be ever so thankful it wasn't one of those children. I've seen them often out there and with no adult present. It's scary to think what could have happened.

Have a better day today and I'll pray for the children as they must be sad over what happen to their playmate.

Marilyn said...

I have been grateful it wasn't the children. I would have turned into the opposing traffic before hitting a child, but the dog - it was dispensible. Sadly

Krissi said...

Marilyn that is so sad. I'm sad for you that that happened and sad for those kids.

And grace, well, I will give you grace if you give me grace. And I will hopefully give grace even if you don't. That has been my lesson this year here. It is a difficult one to grasp, and yet at times not as difficult as I would have thought.

And I really like your blog just as it is. But I guess I can be a bit melancholy at times, so maybe my opinion is irrelevant. I hope this day ends better.

whorton94 said...

Lance hit a dog yesterday in town. Yes, thankful no children were hurt, but it was heartbreaking for him to have to tell the owner he killed their dog. So sorry for you too!!

Marilyn said...

dang - what is it? Dog seaston?

Anonymous said...

thoughts and prayers will be with you and the family as well. won't it be so good to be in heaven with NO sadness.....
hugs- kirsten

Anonymous said...

I killed a dog once at my front door. I know the awful feeling!
I was going to drive my son to school and had a tied up trash bag in hand. The garbage men were already at my
"HERBIE" and I did not want them to wait for me...I sat the bag at the front door. Five minutes later when I pulled up, there was a dog with it's head in my garbage.
He could not get it out. I feel bad it's last meal was my garbage.
It had no tags, we found out 2 days later it belonged to a family down the street (when they went looking for the lost dog). My ONLY saving grace was that he was old and they had already bought a puppy to replace it. I am reminded of this OFTEN by my adult kids. They are so cruel.

Marilyn said...

Becky - that is hilarious!