Saturday, May 2, 2009

just another day in paradise

So it is not my birthday. Really one day is enough of that nonsense.

Today was getting up at 6:15 and racing off to help facilitate a fiveK race, eating a McDonald's egg mcmuffin and taking one for my friend, standing in the rain and cold wind to cheer the runners on. And then coming home to clean the garage, make a rhubarb pie, eat a piece, and then another piece of rhubarb pie, have a nap, eat another piece of rhubarb pie, talked to a buddy, and watch a very cheesy movie with BS my main squeeze.

I had this thing when I was a kid that when something was going to happen that I wanted to have happen very very badly, I was sure I was going to die. Actually die. Expire. Be killed on the way. Today felt kind of like that. I had a day like that. I was so happy here that I thought for sure the house was going to burn down or I was going to have something terrible happen.

So happiness and terror - kid emotions - cotton candy and monsters under the bed - that was my day. And I loved it.

I also decided that I have to have some adventures. I haven't done anything that could put me in an embarassing or ridiculous position for a long time. Too long. Have to work on that.


Krissi said...

Thanks for the egg mcmuffin. If you do something embarrassing, can I be there to take pictures? ;)

rachel said...

don't worry - you're taking meg to san diego next summer. you don't think that will be an adventure?!!? you're gonna need this year just to brace yourself... ha!


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of adventures lately. I am in need of one.
Do you think these rainy days are putting that into our souls? Your writtings lately remind me of an author I have just been reading for the first time...she also speaks....Jane Rubietta. COME CLOSER is the book I am reading...GREAT STUFF! Almost as great as yours!!!
Now I'm off to work....hoping it will NOT be an adventure...that usually means trouble!