Friday, May 1, 2009

it pays to advertize

My office this morning is full of birthday stuff. Birthday balloons, birthday banners, birthday riff raff. Hard to be subtle, but then when am I subtle? I decided to list some of my blessings this morning.

First - I have people. My main person, Big Steve. Who has made me laugh and given me an interesting bicker anytime I needed it for most of my life. BS and I have a tribe of dear little people and lovely big people. And - most important - I don't have ANY lost people. I have all my people in my life. We are all over the world, but we are together.

Second - I have friends. Lifetime friends and this time friends. I am not alone.

Third - I have a life. My work sometimes matters. Sometimes it doesn't, but that is par for the course. I go home to a kind environment that I love to be in. My soul is peaceful and strong. I actually like my life immensely.

Last - and of course, there is much much more - I have hope. I have hope because I honestly do believe there is a God and there are movements in this universe that are beyond me and lavish with meaning. When I wait I am not waiting for Godot. I am waiting for movements of grace, be they whisper small or, rarely - like finding Mark - earth shattering.

So today, with my office full of birthday flotsom, I am smiling and quite okay with having lived more than half a century. Whew!


rachel said...

woot! happy birthday to you! you are good people! xoxo

Krissi said...

decorating your office was amazingly spectacular fun! :)