Thursday, March 19, 2009

on being a joiner

I am going to join jazzercise tonight. Get my runners tied up and pull on those stretchy pants (not necessarily in that order) and beat my buns to a pulp for an hour. And then rest in the endorphin rush.

I just joined the Biggest Looza - Kentucky style. Have a partner. Got weighed. Felt depressed at what I weighed. Argued that the scale was wrong. Repented. Drinking coffee now, nibbling on a carrot.

In general I am not a joiner. I am a watcher of joiners. I am a sitter at the side while others join. I am a skeptic but being Canadian I can be forgiven for that. "Eeet eez my kulchur."

But this is spring. Herd instinct is heightened. I'm off to sweat.


Krissi said...

Enjoy all that. I'm not Canadian, but still, I'll just watch.

Marilyn said...

I went.I suffered. I am glad I went. It will still be a struggle to go a second time. Does this ever get easy?