Thursday, March 12, 2009

my idiot son

When my boys were teens and doing things like jumping off trestle bridges into glacier fed lakes and driving four wheels on iced over lakes Steve always told me, "Do NOT think about it!" He said if they died I would hear from someone.

This advice saved me from much angst. And they did survive their teen years.

The question is - will they survive adulthood? This is Jordan, photo taken by his brother. A conspiracy of sons able to make a mother crazy.


Vincent said...

Mark captioned this photo "And then my jackass brother..." which seems appropriate. The log was pretty rotten and slippery, but to cushion my fall was 14 inches of glacier water rushing over jagged rocks. No big deal. It was a great photo op. Chels got a real good photo of me almost falling in.

Anonymous said...

Wow... I think I feel myself even getting more grey! How will I survive being the mother of my 3 already rowdy boys?! ...I guess I will try just to not think about it!

-Smiling- Kirsten

p.s. that is an awesome photo...

Anonymous said...

Not knowing about slippery being a forerunner of fun prevention I can only recall responding to the call "Hey Dad!" only to find Matt, aged 9, forty feet up a pine tree. "Any trouble coming down?" I asked. "Nope!" "Good stuff, dinner's in 10." I walked away: if he'd fallen on me that's TWO funerals. 'Do NOT think about it' is advice only fathers can give with impunity.

p.s. He 'probably' won't do this when he's fifty.


Marilyn said...

Best line - he probably won't do this when he's fifty - thanks for the laugh Fred!