Wednesday, February 18, 2009

you tell me

My colleague received an interesting package yesterday. It was from an internet source, and was a baggie with elephant dung (scat) in it. I can verify that it was dung ... dried and crusted in straw, and I imagine it could well be elephant.

My colleague was indignant. He felt insulted and offended. He tossed the baggie into the garbage. When I found out what had happened I dug it out of the garbage. I phoned my kid Vincent and he was ecstatic. What a great thing to have! What a gift!

Clearly, what is one man's treasure is another man's tragedy. But here is the question. Was it an insult? Or a joke? Or a gift of strange measure.


Krissi said...

A gift of strange measure. It's certainly creative. I'll give the gift-giver that.

rachel said...

i definitely spent a lot of money this year on elephant poop - in paper form, of course, but still! maybe the purchaser thought it was going to be elephant poop paper?

Anonymous said...

I'm with the recipient. I've had enough shit handed to me in life that I don't need to get it in the mail, too.

Anonymous said...

This is likely a gift extraordinaire! Had it been an insult it would have been sent collect and it would have been the whole pile (now that would be expensive). I would find out if its customary--somewhere else obviously-- to send a small gift of peanut fertilizer...or should I just go away?