Wednesday, February 4, 2009

and the little ones shall lead them

You may read a version of this on my daughter's blog if you read it ...but she called and told me this story and I have to tell you all.

Kyra, my fabulous oldest granddaughter, goes to a school at which she is a minority. By minority, I mean like the only white kid in her grade. She doesn't even notice.

Being as February is Black History Month, her class is doing many things, including a big party where everyone is bringing their favorite 'soul food.'

Kyra's teacher talked to her and since she didn't know what soul food was, she was given the option of bringing some food from Canada.

Her best friend, Mayia (pictured above talking to each other using Nintendo DS while they are side by side...) is bringing macaroni and cheese. See how small the differences are? We have macaroni and cheese in Canada! ;-)

This is the girl who, arriving home from school after learning about Rosa Parks said, with passion, "If Rosa Parks didn't do what she did, we would still be sitting at the back of the bus!" I think this is the best education Kyra could have.
There may be hope for the world yet.


rachel said...

funny lady. :)

Lloyd & Sharon said...

Except in Canada, Kraft mac & cheese is called "KD." Maybe that would qualify as Canadian soul food! (I'm sure her friend's mac & cheese is homemade--with much more "soul" than anything Kraft makes, KD or otherwise!)

Your L.A. said...

I went to the public library today. It was only after I had been sitting at a table for 30 minutes that I realized the only sign of Black History Month was a small end display in between "Adult Fiction" and "Adult Non-Fiction." I guess KY already knows so much about black history that 6 books on display is all we need. WRONG.

In JCPL's defense, Jason said I missed a display right outside the door as we entered. Some display, huh.