Thursday, January 15, 2009

just like mimi

Okay -

let me PROUDLY introduce my granddaughters. Darling twin girls. Aly on the left, Zoe on the right. Look at their personalities.

Zoe (right) is pensive, thinking, concerned. She is like this a lot so I hear. Aly on the left is cooking up mischief. She does this a lot. So I hear.

Now about Aly ... I hate to do the "she's just like me!!!" but can I say ... I may have handed down love of mischief, the hilarious approach to life, the ability to laugh at entirely inappropriate moments, a high sense of the absurd and the capacity to draw even the most self protective person into a hair-brained scheme of epic proportions. That just might be my legacy, and it would satisfy me entirely.

And I love Zoe with her big eyed concern ... we need these people to balance us a little. This is going to be fun to watch it unfold. Aly saying, "Trust me! It will be fun!" and Zoe completely regretting it ... but in the end, it sure is fun!

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