Saturday, January 17, 2009

everyday day

Today is an everyday day. The air is completely ordinary. The light is dull. Any magic that might have been floating about got caught in an empty plastic bottle and was accidentally tossed into the recycling bin.

My simple goal for today is to exercise. That's it. I might have to get dressed to do that but to get dressed is not a goal of the day. Some days need very small goals. Winter goals. Yesterday my goal was to be sure my team ate all 17 cupcakes on the tray. We did do that. Everyone had the joy of finishing well.

Monday is a holiday - thanks to the mighty MLK. The extra day means I don't have to hurry to "have" my day off today. I can just accomplish one thing.


Krissi said...

Sometimes Emily Dickinson gives me a headache-- all those dashes--

But I like your Emily Dickinson words up in the corner. They are good words. Enjoy your day off. I'm going to crawl back under my covers for a little while (because my room is freaking cold!) and then read my new Harper's magazine I got in the mail today. I will read about "Why America won't get the health-care system it needs." Just some light reading.

Heather said...

after having read this, i am forced to think that my personal goal of eating 17 cupcakes today is not a good one.

i like to set realistic goals.


Anonymous said...

My simple goal for today is to exercise...Yesterday my goal was to be sure my team ate all 17 cupcakes on the tray.

Oh the beautiful irony! A perfect picture of life.