Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My lovely assistant just found out she is having ... drum roll ... a girl!

And the best comment that followed the news is from Jeremiah, a new father in our community, doting dad of beautiful Baby Bella-Button, who said, and I quote,

"The problem is that if you have a boy you have one penis to worry about. When you have a girl you have a whole lot of penises to worry about."

Wisdom from a father. I love how perspectives change.


Krissi said...

Oh my gosh. I wish I would have been there to hear that. Haha. So fantastic.

jeremiah said...

Didnt know that was going to get broadcasted worldwide.

It's still true though.

Angela said...

So so so true! And scary too! Thanks for the laugh Jeremiah and Marilyn!

Sarah said...

Is it scary to anyone else that this kid is going to graduate from high school at the EARLIEST in 2027?? Even the "future predictions" only go to 2025! Are they even going to have highschools then? Are they even going to have PEOPLE then?