Friday, October 17, 2008

on irony

Yesterday I was in a hurry. I had 18.7 miles to get to my destination for a 3:45 appointment. The traffic was horrible. The slow lane was, well, slow. And the fast lane was clogged by some kind of pokey truck ahead.

We crept along... I wove in and out of the traffic, passing one car and another. Not a good habit for driving but I was in a hurry. And to my credit I did not answer my cell when it rang.

After a good long struggle I found myself behind the culprit. A van/truck, with two red bulls on the back. And suddenly it dawned on me.
I was being held up in traffic by a truck advertising and delivering Red Bull. The drink that is so caffeinated that it is banned from the middle and high schools in Jessamine County. The drink that makes promises you'll go 0 - 60 in ten seconds flat.

And this Red Bull-ish truck/van was slowing traffic. Talk about irony.

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