Friday, January 25, 2008

the boringest place in the world

Okay - so I am working at home today. I have the TV on in the background. Rachel Ray cooking chicken of some kind. I am not paying attention until the local LEX 18 News cuts in with a breaking story. Yummy. Something of interest as I slog through my work.

On the screen, standing before a small apartment building is a young woman holding a microphone and wearing a red serge coat and a seriously concerned face. She informs the public that police and fire fighters have solved the toxic gas issue on this apartment's first floor. Apparently a cleaning lady entered the building earlier and was overcome with toxic gas. The cause? A male resident, in an attempt to thoroughly clean his apartment, overused amonia. Whew. Close call.

So all is set to the rights here in Lexington. The safety officials have forestalled a major incident. We, the public are informed.

Where does one find such a diligent man, I wonder?

I wonder if the budget for National Security has contributed to this speedy resolution? I didn't hear the emergency sirens (recently changed from the 50's style air raid sound to a more pleasant and less alarming beeping.)

To be fair, I am glad an overly zealous old fellow armed with amonia is our worst problem in Lex today. Even if I am bored.

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Sarah said...

Phew! Im glad to live in a steadier, more predictable locale. Hearing story like that could have totally disrupted my day. Such admirable strength in weathering the abrupt intrusion of such a harrowing tale...