Friday, January 4, 2008


Birthdays, from a mother's point of view, are different. It was a delivery the day the child was born, and it is the mother who is delivered of the child, not the other way around (lesson in language.)

But delivered from a baby into a life. Rachel told me that when a woman carries a baby she has that person's cells in her body the rest of her life. Cool. She is marked physically and forever changed. Even the mother who rejects her child is forever marked by the child's life, internally and externally.

I have two birthdays to celebrate in January - Kyra and Mark. A little girl and a big man. And just having these two in my life makes me full of little wealths.

So today I will party in my heart. I read lately that 'anyone can be passionate, it takes a lover to be silly.' I think I will be silly (as silly as I can muster) as possible at any given moment today. I've had two cancelled appointments this morning so the day is looking fine for a Friday.


rachel said...

wasn't me who said that about cells... :)

have a good weekend!

Annie said...

I like the quote about silliness. My sister is the silliest person I know and also the person in my life with the greatest capacity for loving :0)