Monday, December 17, 2007

holly jolly

It's been a fun week. I have completely taken over the girl's lives and mothered them and it has been a ton of fun. We have hollied and jollied. I got my best compliment this morning when I was dropping them off at school.

I pulled up and a nice kid (probably grade six) opened the door for them. I smiled at him and said, "Have a holly jolly Christmas!" and I heard Meg say, "That's my gramma." And the kid smiled at me and said to her, "You have a real nice gramma!"

So there it is folks. I have parented for one week and gotten an A+ from the fans. Of course, if I were to keep going that rating would have to drop when I limited the amount of peanut MnM's, and made the girls go to bed on time. But I takes what I gets... and it has been tons o fun.

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