Friday, December 14, 2007

Cookie of the Day

Today's cookies have a certain flare - here's the recipe. Bake a cake - I chose white with cherry dots in it. Dump the cooled cake into a big bowl. Dump one whole can of icing into the bowl with it and mix thoroughly. That is Meg's job. Then roll dough into balls.

Enter Kyra. Melt the Toblerone bar (huge one) and dip balls into chocolate. Cool. Eat.

The added cherry on top is the Christmas breast effect so I am not sure we will do that to finish them off.

Last night we were having supper and Megan had to remain at the table for ten more spoons of cauliflower soup. She screwed up her face and cursed the American Food Triangle! It was the most damage she could deliver. I guess her after school snacks of watermelon, peanut MnM's, Cadbury Christmas mini eggs and wads of cookie clump put her off her dinner. Go figure.

Hey, this Mimi stuff is all right!


Annie said...

I'm glad the girls (Mimi included) are having fun! :0)

rachel said...

it's just cookies to you, but it's life saving to me.

there are no words for my gratitude.