Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cookies that look a mess

I can't believe it is already December 13th. We are into the "Second day of Mimi" ... (think: 12 days of Christmas) ... and tonight's Christmas activity involved melting caramel chips and mixing them into chinese noodles and then watching Elf while munching on peanut M'nM's.

This is Klassy Christmas for sure. I do have a problem with the cookie effort though. Two bags of caramel chips, two bags of chinese noodles, and one bowl of cookies turned out splendid and one didn't at all. The caramel chips clumped instead of melting, they did not cling to the noodles and eventually we added some marshmellows - to no avail - and dumped clumps of the mess into baggies for future munching. We called them cookies and clumps.

This being festive is hard work. I do believe tomorrow's plan is a cookie that is dipped in chocolate with a cherry stuck on top. Think mammaries and you will get the idea.

When I look at the perfect Kroger cookies and packages on Southern Season shelves I momentarily wonder why I am making these piduts (that is spelled backward for the children) cookies anyway. But The Girls seem to think we have made something quite beautiful. I will stay with that opinion.


Sarah said...

MMm...Christmas mammaries.... uhh...nevermind. Huzzah for homemade cookies!

Annie said...

It is the diputs cookies that last forever in memories :0)