Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trying to be Honest - my own ponderings about my body

For Making Me a Woman
(by Marty Conner in Woman's Uncommon Prayers.)

For making me a woman
in what still so often
seems a man's world,
I thank you.
Because you taught me by example
that power is your gift
and not my possession.

For giving me a body
thought it sometimes fails me
and is not all I wish it was
or rather, a good deal more
than I wish it was,
I thank you.
Because you taught me
that I am much more 
than my body
and yet my body is 
your holy temple.

For calling me to be
more than I believe I can be,
and less
than I sometimes pretend I am,
I thank you.
Because you taught me 
that being is more than doing,
that who I am
and whose I am
are more important than
what I do 
or what I have.

For all that you are 
Great "I Am,"
I bless you
as you have so greatly blessed me.

This poem touches me and speaks almost perfectly to the heart of how I see my life, and how I have experienced God. I will write more - I am going to take two or three blogs to talk about my own love/hate affair with my body. I would love to publish your thoughts too, my friends. Send them to me if you like.


Karla said...

I was so glad to catch up on these past posts about loving our bodies. One thing I've thought about as I've read is God giving form. His Spirit hovered over the deep, the abyss. He made light, darkness, plants and animals. He made a place and then He put His image into that place through the form of man and woman. We are image-bearers not just in soul, but in body. Our bodies bear the image of our Creator. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm so grateful for the privilege.

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