Thursday, September 22, 2011

music to live by

I spent some time last night downloading new tunes from iTunes onto my iPod. A few years ago I didn't even have a conception of these kinds of things, but it is pretty cool.

Most of the new music I listen to is indie, acoustic, and bluesy. I have no idea of new groups so when I am listening to NPR and they introduce a new band or album I pay attention and then if I like it I grab my pen (usually in the car) and scrawl the names on my arm, my pants, or if I can find it, the little tiny diary I keep for just such a purpose in my glove box. Where, incidentally, I never put gloves.

Anyway, I was listening to new music last night and I heard a song whose two first lines were,
"I am too sad to cry
I am too tired to die..."

I laughed right out loud. Anyone who can write that is going to be on my listen list.

Just in case you need some new music... I am sitting here enjoying Imelda May, her new album - Mayhem. Kind of bluesy, kind of jazzy, and smart. I like it. Never heard of her before this week. The world is full of so many beautiful things.


Karla said...

Yes, beauty all around...please listen to Over the Rhine if you haven't already. I actually think of you every time Gav and I go to their concerts. They play in the area a lot since they are from Cincinatti. Trumpet Child is one of my favorite songs.

Karla said...

You can go to to get some samples.

Krissi said...

I have given Marilyn plenty of Over the Rhine music:)

Shepherd Snapshots said...

I thought of you when I downloaded the new Sara Groves cd. It's not on itunes yet but you can get it on her website.

Anonymous said...

Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour archives all their shows. We were there for the 639th show taping Monday nite at the Kentucky Theater in downtown Lexington. Michael Johnathon, the host and creater is gifted. He gathers up artists as he says,that are not particularly famous, but very very good. Over The Rhine has been on several times.

Marilyn said...

I listen to all of these...and love the Old Time Radio hour although seldom get to go. Isn't music a gift?

Gavin Duerson said...

Music is a gift! It was funny, OTR was shown on an airing of Woodsongs tonight on KET.