Tuesday, September 13, 2011

37 years

Thirty seven years ago tonight I had a headache. We had been celebrating all day, taking one bottle of wine after another out of the case of 24 and opening it with friends. I was quite inebriated by one or two in the afternoon and completely down with a hangover by supper. I do not recall that there was a church practice or anything like that.

Thirty seven years ago tonight the large washing sink in my mother's unfinished basement had armloads of daisies in it. I still had a bouquet or two to arrange before I turned in. Oh, and I had never arranged flowers before. But what can be hard about daisies? They kind of fall into a beautiful armful. I hated them before the night was over.

Thirty seven years ago tonight I weighed 121 pounds. My wedding dress was in my room, 100% polyester, size 7, bought with my own funds off the rack for $100. It was simple with no lace but with lovely polyester ruffles around the wrist and down the back. I also had a veil which wasn't very exciting to me. I would rather have left it off. It would be the perfect 70's flower child dress when the daisies were done. Damn the daisies, anyway.

Thirty seven years ago tonight I went to bed in my mother's home for the last time. Steve kissed me at the screen door three steps down from the kitchen beside a built-in boot box. We laughed. We were in love. It was going to be legal - finally.

And I did have quite a headache.


Krissi said...

You had a hangover on your wedding day! Ha! Actually, I think you told me that when I was looking at your wedding pictures once. I've never weighed 121 pounds. I shot straight from pre-puberty weight to 155. I don't weigh that now, but I certainly don't weigh 121 either! I'm so glad you married Steve. Or maybe I'm so glad Steve married you:) I love you both!

rachel said...


Karen said...

Happy anniverary to a wonderful, wonderful pair.

Lee Ann said...

Congratulations! 37 years! I love your story.

When my husband kisses me and my kids groan he says "Hey, I have a license for that!"

Rhonda Maccarone said...

At least ya just got a headache. My pain ended up being about 21/2 feet south of there.... and it was a BIG one!