Tuesday, June 14, 2011

empty nest?

I am having a big time these days watching adolescent birds. You can spot one by its scruffy feathers - half grown sprouts of bed head. And how they behave. Aggressive, losing their balance and falling off a perch, harassing an adult bird, making screeching landings like a drunken pilot on a first flight.

Leaving home is like that. My youngest son is leaving home tomorrow. Again. For real. Maybe. He has outgrown his bedhead. He lands pretty much on his feet. He can still harass the adults. So tomorrow he is off to a nice one bedroom with balcony and fireplace.

I have, thus, declared Wednesday to be 'naked night' at the Elliott's. This is what one does when the last kid leaves home. You might not know about this if you have young ones, but one day you will also have your naked night. Naked night is the evening mom and dad have dinner together, naked. They lay about on the couch, naked. They watch tv, naked. They putz in the garden, well, naked under their clothes.

The real reason for this is to frighten the departing offspring. They must have a terrifying imagine in their minds or they will certainly return. At any hour of the day or night. But definitely NOT on naked night.


Krissi said...

If I come over to watch hockey, will you please put your clothes back on first?

jill rosalie said...

too funny! Mine are 13 & 14, so got some time yet ... guess I should start working out!!

Tom 1st said...

hahahaha! That's the greatest thing I've ever heard of.

I'm trying it tomorrow.

rachel said...


Rhonda Maccarone said...

My kids wouldn't care, I can't get them to keep their clothes on either. In fact just to embarrass me Michelle will come up beside me in the grocery store, put her arm over my shoulder and hold my boob as we walk. I die every time she does it but she thinks it's hysterical just to embarrass me!
On another note, her arm is needing to be longer with each passing day. That's the really embarrassing part.