Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dr Phil and me

I have a way to measure my parenting decisions. I imagine myself on Dr.Phil and tell the audience what I am doing. If Dr.Phil leans back in his chair and looks at the audience and they all laugh, I know I am slightly nuts.Then he leans forward and tells me off.

Before you scorn this idea, let me illustrate. (These are fictional events,of course, to protect the innocent.)

Me: My son can't move away from home. It's too hard for kids to make it on their own these days.
Dr. Phil: How old is your son?
Me: 43.
Dr. Phil leans back and looks at audience.

Me: I am so tired. My 5 year old stays up late. He just won't go to bed early enough for me.
Dr. Phil: What time do you need to go to bed?
Me: Well, I want to be in bed by ll:00.
Dr. Phil leans back and looks at audience.
(laughter) works. It is hard being an adult all by yourself. But if you can imagine yourself on prime time TV in front of a hard nosed psychologist and an audience, well, you get some perspective.

Just saying.


Lee Ann said...

I like it! I will give it a try! Me: I want to be there for my kids. I want them to know they can talk to me. But every now and then I would like to go to the bathroom by myself. Dr. Phil: how old is your youngest child? Me: 19. Audience laughs! Ha! It works!

Karen said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I may even try this technique on my husband.

Rhonda Maccarone said...

You are so funny it makes me laugh, how on earth do you ever come up with these things?