Wednesday, March 16, 2011

two cops and a dead groundhog

I saw the weirdest thing on Sunday as I drove up highway 68 toward Lexington. Two young cops had their cars pulled over and were directing traffic in and out of Southland, and there in the same space was a HUGE dead groundhog. Do you know how big a groundhog is? Those of you in Alberta - it is much much bigger than an obese gopher. It is the size of a small seal with short legs. They are quiet homey fellows who live in families and don't bother anyone. But they do dig big holes. I love groundhogs, but this one didn't make it across the street apparently.

So there it was, lovely and dead. Not mushed or swollen or decaying, probably not dead long. (It's little legs were not sticking straight out which is a sure signal of yesterday's kill.)

And there were the two cops directing traffic, almost having to step over it. Now wouldn't you think they would move it to the side? Wouldn't it be reasonable to notice and act on this large dead creature in your space?

Something about this made me laugh. Two cops and a dead groundhog, and hundreds of cars of slightly wrinkled church going folks on their way home to frozen pizza and the UK game.

It just didn't seem right.


Little Girl said...

Groundhogs are neat. Went hunting
one Sunday afternoon, many moons ago, and had caught one in a trap.
Thought my little heart would break. The hog's heart had already
The Little Girl

Krissi said...

Sort of seems like the Kentucky way, though. So much roadkill. At least it wasn't a skunk. I think dead skunk is Kentucky's official state animal. ;)

John Wesley Leek said...

That would be a peculiar thing to see!

(I second Krissi. So. Many. Dead. Skunks.)