Monday, March 29, 2010

safe blogging

So I just read my friend's blog and she had this picture on it. I love this picture, for some reason. It makes me laugh - so I stole it and posted it here... to make you laugh. Isn't this what we would all like to do with our enemies? The sunflower is a nice touch.

And I put this picture on because I had one more thing to say about health care and I was afraid. (Picture my face in terror.) Because if I didn't offend you before I am going to now.

I just wanted to say that it seems to me that if you are pro life, it would be immoral not to be pro health care. We cannot fight for the baby before she is born and let her languish after. Pro life has to be pro LIFE. The whole long life. And maybe a life that is, and I put it in quotes, 'a burden to society.' Not all, but many women aborting babies have very limited resources.

I wasn't actually going to say this but on Friday I watched Precious, and it has been haunting me.

If this is over the top, just go back and look at the picture and read the first half of this blog.


Anonymous said...

I've recently been making the same pro-life argument to Christian friends of mine who argue so strongly against universal health care. It is a great philosophical point and the main reason why I have been behind such a thing as a citizen of the U.S.

However, being philosophically for it does not make me politically aligned with the bill that was delivered to the President's desk. I think a false dichotomy of for or against healthcare was created when, in fact, a lot of us just weren't for the bill that was being pushed so hard (and fast) by Congress. I am not at all okay with the law such as it was written, the speed with which it was passed or a lot of the consequences for it.

I am very much for universal health care and health care reform in the U.S., but not in shape or manner that it was delivered. I'm a pragmatist, but even my pragmatic side can't be okay with it.

My point is that I think it's important to remember that this was not the black and white issue it was made out to be. Being against that bill didn't make me against universal health care.

At least it shouldn't have.

Marilyn said...

I couldn't agree more that it isn't a black and white issue. What I am offended by is the hateful things being said - the arguments that are not even about health care - the partisanship on both sides - and protection of the rich and powerful.

Krissi said...

Certainly Pro-Life people should not be calling up Democrat congressmen and leaving death threats and the most hateful messages I've ever heard. These people making these threats are not Pro-Life. They are simply anti-abortion. Come on, America, how did we become such ass-holes? What happened to our heart? We are such a hateful people. It breaks my heart and makes me so sad for my country. :(