Thursday, March 11, 2010

priorities in Canada

Headline from todays Calgary Herald Business Section ...

"Air Canada Bumped For Hockey Gold"

CP: The country's largest airline has learned it sometimes has to take a back seat to hockey, the head of Air Canada said. The airline was forced to delay a flight from Vancouver during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games because passengers watching the end of the gold medal game final on airport televisions ignored repeated calls to board.
"We incurred a flight delay for a reason Air Canada had not encountered in over 72 years of existance," chief executive Calin Rovinescu told a business gathering. The Canadian fans were rewarded for their delay, as the nail-biting end to the Olympics saw Canada beat archrival USA 3-2 in overtime.

Smile! Go Canada


Krissi said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at this!

Anonymous said...

i am trying to think of ONE reason that passengers in the USA might delay boarding a plane for...can't think of one, but i definitely know that it would not be for a hockey game.

Sandy & Rob said...

I love my country - we DO have our priorities straight!