Thursday, December 17, 2009

wedding tales

Heard the best story today. My friend's son got married a couple weeks back and there were some factors at play:

- the bride's mother controlled everything to the last detail
- the groom's grandmother sat in the corner and cried because her marriage was over to the grampa
- weirdness was everywhere

So my friend's family shuffled the deck of cards (literally) and set up a 'murder' game that commenced when the bride came down the isle. By the rules of the game if the covert murderer winks at a person they must declare to whomever they are with, "I'm dead."

The game lasted til the reception and was a hoot - a private undercurrent for the groom's family. The bride and groom were not privy to the game.

When my friend was dancing with her son, the killer (who turned out to be the groom's father) winked at her and she had to say to her son, "I'm dead." His reply is priceless, and a bit confused. "That's funny mom - you're not the only one." Apparently others had 'died' in his arms.

That is the kind of family I could love to be part of.

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