Tuesday, November 27, 2007

reckless love

I heard someone use those two words this morning: "reckless love."

Reckless love is the woman who stuck around for ten years with her firefighter husband who was in a coma, and having him wake for one day before he died. (saw her on Good Morning America today - wow)

Reckless love is Steve quoting a poem from JV's book in his sermon, just because he is so proud of his kid that he can't think of anything better to say.

Reckless love is Rachel having big adventures at her old age. (just kidding - happy birthday kid!)

Reckless love is Steve getting up at 4:35 every morning to let the cat in, or let the cat out, because he knows the cat is my friend. And I don't hear her whine.

Reckless love is Steve (with a bad back) on a ladder outside in the rain putting up Christmas lights because it would be too dark and lonely for me on our deserted little street to not have them up.

Reckless love is sharing a bathroom with a middle aged and very space selfish woman who tends to expansive clutter.

Reckless love is answering the question, "Will you love me when I am old?" with "I do."

Reckless love is hugging a very angry seven year old.

Reckless love is driving eight hours to your sister's party for your brother.

Reckless love is telling your story with truth, even though it makes you vulnerable.

Reckless love is mailing a stuffed angel to a lost friend who hasn't talked to you for ten years.

Reckless love is the way humans are meant to live.


rachel said...

yup...all those things.

Krissi said...

"Reckless love is telling your story with truth, even though it makes you vulnerable."

This made me cry.