Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wine into Water

The First Presbyterian church of Charleston is magnificent. Stained glass, curved, hard wax polished pews, magnificent organ. The wedding coordinator for the church stood before us in a lumpy cotton skirt - but it was 102 degrees out and we all arrived dripping wet. Declaring the church rules she said, "... And NO alcohol AT ALL in the church! I AM NOT jOKING!!! If anyone is caught with any alcohol at all the wedding will be immediately cancelled and every asked to leave the premises. I heard a small stirring and looked over at my young teen granddaughters. They were staring straight ahead, a bit too solomnly. I know that look though. There was mischief afoot! Their dad was doing the same, all the while inching away from a cardboard box sitting on the first pew beside him as if it contained a bomb. The woman leaned forward to make her point, her skirt skimming the box containing 16 bottles of wine that had been delivered and brought in to protect it from the scorching hot car!


John Wesley Leek said...

Hahaha. That's wonderful.

Krissi said...

AHAHA! There is ALWAYS mischief afoot with Elliotts!

Carolyn M said...

There was a policeman following a suspected drunk driver. The policeman pulled the man over who happened to be a priest.The priest swore he wasn't drinking anything but water. The policeman took a drink and said It's wine! The priest looked at the policeman and said "Dog Gone It, He's done it again. He turned the water into wine".