Saturday, March 10, 2012

fatal mistakes

I have done something very bad. I am chagrinned at myself. Today I went to Sassy Fox an upscale consignment store and bought a dress I might wear to the wedding in June. It fits me. But I am a little lumpy in it. But I bought it anyway, with plans to lose those lumps. I KNOW BETTER!

Now this dress is going to sit in my closet condemning me. It is going to gather dust, all the while saying, "What were you thinking eating that curry yesterday?!" The weeks will march past and I will move it further back into the closet and then one day I will give it away.

OR maybe ... just maybe .... this will be a Christmas miracle and I will suddenly drop 20 or so pounds and the dress will be magnificent. I will be so trim I might even get a sprayed on tan and buy big droopy earings and people won't recognize me at the wedding.

Or not.

In either case, I have purchased a dress, quite a fabulous dress, from a consignment store, and maybe all it needs is good - no, fabulous - shoes. And spanx. Knee to neck spanx.


Anonymous said...

I know the words to that song..... I have many things that are by now dry-rotted from similar experience.
I hope there are no closets in heaven...................

Anonymous said...

put the dress at the front of the closet as a gentle reminder, not a condemnation!
walk some everyday to keep fit.
go and buy the shoes!
you bought the dress because you already "see" yourself in it....
you WILL look fabulous!!!!!
what color is it?