Sunday, January 29, 2012

changing my mojo

A lot of changes have just crashed down the pipe into my life. More than I could have imagined. So in honor of that I am changing my blog shape - and starting a new one that will be on SeedBed. Let me know if you like this new format.

I heard a bit of a quote this week attributed to Thomas Merton. Something like this; life was not meant to be pleasure, it was meant to be joy.

I quite agree. Pleasure is not a bad thing, but it is fleeting and unstable. Pleasure is tied to our vital selves, our bodies. When our bodies are satisfied we experience pleasure. I've had more than my share of pleasure in life. I live in a house that has hot water whenever I want it. I eat a wide variety of food, much of it just plain scrumptious. I have had massages. (The first one I had I felt so torn - guilty because it was so decadent and overwhelmed with the experience. I just gave up and wept.)

But joy is for us all. Joy is the highest experience of life. Joy is fueled by love,by utter soul sweetness. Joy is not dependent on our bodies, the make of our car or the state of our wallets. Joy is what happens when we touch the truth of who we are, know that we are the beloved, and feel the gift of life surging through our being.

I hope you have joy today. Try some changes. Or when the changes try you, trust, and go with it. And joy will find you again.


Lee Ann said...

Okay, so I must admit I was a little disoriented when I fist logged on, even a little panicked, "where is Marilyn?" But then I caught site of all the familiar titles and decided to just go with it and pick one. And there you were, present and steady as always. I look forward to change; disorienting, painful, and gritty though it may be. It always carries an invitation to growth!

Krissi said...

Blog however you want just so long as you don't censor yourself (anymore than you have already been doing). That would be very sad for us all.


Carolyn said...

Whew, I thought my computer was on the blitz. I have to get used to the new look, however I still see you as I read

Anonymous said...

I looked on SeedBed but didn't find you. Like the newer version of your change.. It's easier to see the comments, etc.