Saturday, February 26, 2011

beware the power of a hot dog

My granddaughter told me this, "I decided I was going to be a vegetarian and was going to announce it at supper, but we had hotdogs that night."

I can't count how many times some impulse or decision of mine has been forestalled by something as silly as a hotdog.

I was going to start eating healthy food but someone gave me a cupcake.

I felt that I should visit her but it started raining.

I was about to say thank-you but someone else started talking to me and I forgot.

The things that keep us from accomplishing our goals are often very small, very surmountable problems/things.


Krissi said...

Don't our minds just always work like that? Even with other things, like today I walked into the kitchen to grab a pen I'd left in there and grabbed a cookie while there. I didn't realize until I sat back down at my computer than I never grabbed the pen.

On another note, and in all seriousness, if your granddaughter wants to be a vegetarian but still wants to eat hotdogs, tell her to try the Yves brand of vegan hotdogs. I know you probably think it sounds gross, but they do actually taste like real hotdogs (I try not to ask why). To be clear, other brands do taste like total nastiness, so tell her to only try THAT brand. Lots of protein and none of the fat of regular hotdogs and none of the meat. Of course, they're not as good as Ballpark Beef Franks, but nothing is.

Stephanie said...

Marilyn, Hi! I am that girl you met at the couples retreat last night who said she reads your blog all the time but never comments. I am commenting :) I like this post a really does seem like we do that a lot.

One another note. The couples retreat was so wonderful for my husband and I. It was a huge blessing and I am so thankful that you all put it on for us. It was wonderful beyond words. Thank you :)

Laurie J. said...

First time commenter - -
1) Really enjoy your blog
2) Especially this post. :)

So true! Thanks for writing!

Marilyn said...

Wow - two new commenters. Love it. And Stephanie - I am encouraged to know the retreat was a good thing for you and your man. That is why I do it!

rachel said...

seriously? meg or kyra? oh dear... i haven't heard any vegetarian rumblings, but if i had to guess, i'd guess meg? kyra doesn't eat veggies but for brocolli...

Novelty Pens said...

Nothing like a good veggie dog or a veggie burger!